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1983 European 65-D back Darth Vader on Chewbacca cardback

1983 European 65-D back Palitoy Darth Vader on Chewbacca Cardback

Comments: The 65D card has the same front as the first Jedi release, the 45C card, which makes it quite different from the other 65-back cards. The most noticeable difference is that the age warning in the top right corner is in English only, rather than in five languages like the 65A,B and C cards. The Return of the Jedi logo also sits lower on the front of the card, so there is no black border beneath this. The back of the card is identical to that of the 65c card, featuring the mail away offer for the Chewbacca Bandolier figure holder.

Like the 65c card, this card can be found with the closing date for the bandolier offer blacked out (the cardback above is one such example).

The only figures seen on this card are from the Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back films, the Return of the Jedi series of figures could only be found on 65A, B and C cards.

Photos courtesy of Jack G.

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1983 European Tri-logo Darth Vader (Dark Vador)

ROTJ trilogo front

Description: Tri-Logo Star Wars Return of the Jedi figures can be identified by the 3-language title bar on the front, and “Collect all 70” in six different languages on the back. The back shows 79 numbered figures with two blacked out. Tri-Logo figures often had larger, thinner bubbles making any mint examples extremely rare and valuable.

Images courtesy of JackG.


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1983 Vintage Argentinian Top Toys Darth Vader

Argentinian Top Toys Return of the Jedi Darth Vader front

Comments: Return of the Jedi Darth Vader figure produced under license by Top Toys of Argentina with text in Spanish.

Photo Courtesy of James.


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1985 Vintage Power of the Force Darth Vader

Vintage POTF Vader front

Vintage POTF Vader front Vintage POTF Vader back

Description: This is was the final release of the Vintage line, and included a Collector’s Coin. This mold would be released only once more, in the 1995 POTF2 “Classic Edition” Excusive box set. We hope to run pictures of this later!

Photos courtesy of Jack G.

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1983 Vintage 65B back Darth Vader

1983 Vintage 65B back Darth Vader Front

1983 Vintage 65B back Darth Vader Front 1983 Vintage 65B back Darth Vader Back

ROTJ cards had four card backs starting with a 48-back and proceeding through 65-, 77-, and 79-backs. The 65-backs had four variations, with the “A” back obscuring 2 characters. This “B” back shows them unobscured. The card also featured an alternate image to those found in The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars cards.

Photos courtesy of Jack G.


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